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loose double shredded hardwood mulch

Bulk Mulch

bagged mulch

Bagged Mulch


healthy sod layed out at Potomac Garden Center

PGC sod is tended & healthy


Ground & Landscaping Materials - Maryland

Loose & Bagged Mulch for sale & delivery- Maryland

shredded hardwood mulch in bags

Mulch provides many benefits to your landscape:


  • Maintains moisture
  • Reduces weeds
  • Keeps soil cooler in summer/warmer in winter
  • Prevents soil splashing when watering which can spread
    soil-borne disease onto plants
  • Improves the soil by adding nutrients as it decays
  • Helps prevent soil compaction
  • Adds beauty to your landscape
  • Induces good root structure
  • Reduces landscape maintenance
  • Prevents or slows soil erosion


Potomac Garden Center carries the following types of mulch:

  • Bulk mulch

  • 3 cu. ft. Riverside Shredded Hardwood

  • 3 cu. ft. Master Gardener Shredded Hardwood

  • 2 cu. ft. Black Mulch

  • 2 cu. ft. Mini-Nuggets

  • 2 cu. ft. Large Nuggets

How much mulch will you need?   2"-3" is good for most landscaping beds. Too thick a layer can suffocate plants or create a moisture barrier that is too deep for light watering to penetrate. Apply at least 3"-6" away from trunks of trees and shrubs to prevent disease.

Calculate on the National Gardening website

Topsoil, Potting Soil & Conditioners - Maryland

Black Gold Organic Potting SoilPotomac Garden Center carries Bumper Crop and Gardeners Gold products. Mastery Nursery brand products are all premium products developed specifically for home gardeners.

  • Bulk Topsoil
    2 cu. ft. Soil Conditioner
    1.5 cu. ft. Leafgro
    1 cu. ft. Topsoil

  • Lobster Compost
    1 cu. ft.
    Gardener's Gold potting soil

  • Black Gold Organic Potting Soil
    8 quart, 16 quart, 1 cu. ft., 2 cu. ft.

  • Bagged Sand

  • Bagged River Stone

  • Peat Moss

Sod - MD

sod Potomac Garden Center carries Tall Fescue Blend Sod, a cool season, aggressive, perennial bunchgrass that develops a uniform, thick turf. Tall Fescue produces dark green foliage that remains green throughout the growing season. A perfect start towards a beautiful lawn.

Unlike most garden centers that keeps the sod in rolled up, Potomac Garden Center lays out their sod to expose it to needed light and we water it regularly so it stays green and healthy for more a healthier sod with vigorous growth after installation.

Straw - Maryland

strawStraw Bales are used in the garden for weed suppression and moisture retention. It warms the soil and encourages worms.

They can also be used for straw bale gardening - a good option for people with limited soil or have problems bending over. Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are good choices for straw bale gardening. Keep it watered daily, fertilize and just compost or throw it out at season's end.

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