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Kiln Dried Firewood
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Be sure to see our firepits for outdoors!

Firewood  - Kiln-Dried and Seasoned Air-Dried
Maryland Delivery & Stacking Available

Buying Firewood

Potomac Garden Center has premium firewood for sale: Kiln Dried Firewood & Seasoned Mixed Hardwood. Available in bulk and as kindling, nuggets, firewood by the bag. PGC firewood is consistent size, quality firewood for quick starting, clean burning & cozy fires during the cool weather.  Delivery & stacking available. A standard cord of firewood is 128 cubic feet of wood, generally measured as a pile 8 feet long by 4 feet tall by 4 feet deep.

Kiln-Dried Wood -(will be in short supply this winter or not available)*

Potomac Garden Center is now carrying Premium Kiln-Dried Packaged and Bulk Firewood.
  • 100% quality hardwood and USDA Certified.
  • It's kiln dried to remove moisture.
  • Kiln drying kills all the bugs and other critters as well as mold and mildew that can infest firewood.
  • Kiln dried is kind to your chimney as most of the contaminates have been removed.
  • It's 100% product of the USA!

Convenient, easy to carry, heavy-duty bag with reinforced handle~or buy in bulk for season-long convenience

*Due to harsh 2013-14 winter expectations, kiln-dried firewood may be limited or not available. Premium seasoned hardwood will still be stocked.

Seasoned Mixed Hardwood  (will replace kiln-dried if not available)

Freshly cut wood can be up to 45% water, while seasoned firewood generally has 20-25% moisture content. Seasoned firewood is easier to start, produces more heat, and burns cleaner. The important thing to remember is that the water must be gone before the wood will burn.

Storing Firewood

Firewood can be ruined by bad storage. Exposed to constant rain or covered in snow, wood will reabsorb large amounts of water, making it unfit to burn and causing it to rot before it can be used. Wood should be stored off the ground if possible and protected from excess moisture when weather threatens


firewood for sale

Firewood (small quantities for self-pickup)

Firewood with Starter- $6.99
(.75 cu. ft. of Kiln Dried Firewood in Bags)

    Firewood Nuggets- $6.99
(Great for Chimneas, small fireplaces)

Bundle of Kindlng - $6.99

Firewood - Green (Not Seasoned)NOT Offered at this time
4 cu. ft. - $16.99
12 cu. ft. - $49.00
24 cu. ft. - $89.00
64 cu. ft. (1/2 Cord) - $175.00
128 cu. ft. (1 Cord) - $329.00

Firewood - Seasoned
4 cu. ft. - $19.99
12 cu. ft. - $59.00
24 cu. ft. - $105.00
64 cu. ft. (1/2 Cord) - $195.00
128 cu. ft. (1 Cord) - $369.00

Firewood - Kiln-Dried
4 cu. ft. - $32.99
12 cu. ft. - $99.00
24 cu. ft. - $169.00
64 cu. ft. (1/2 Cord) - $319.00
128 cu. ft. (1 Cord) - $579.00

When you purchase firewood while at the garden center
delivery is based on zip code
(Firewood is dumped in driveway).

Stacking is available (On patio, etc):

12 cu. ft. - $30.00
24 cu. ft. - $40.00
64 cu. ft. (1/2 Cord) - $65.00
128 cu. ft. (1 Cord) - $95.00

Note: Since the presence of the emerald ash borer, a highly invasive tree pest, has been confirmed in Howard County The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) has created a quarantine area in Charles (detected 2008), Howard (detected June 2011), and Prince George's (detected 2003) Counties. Potomac Garden Center carries kiln-dried firewood that is USDA approved/pest-free. Any air-dried seasoned hardwood we carry is not from these areas.


need delivery? see Potomac Garden Center's delivery area and rates

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