Tips for keeping your Christmas Tree and Greenery Fresh

Fresh Christmas Trees and Greenery are at Potomac Garden Center

After you buy a fresh Christmas tree at Potomac Garden Center at one of our locations in North Potomac or Urbana MD, keeping it healthy in your home during the holidays requires maintenance. Fraser fir or Balsam tend to hold onto their needles and can live up to six weeks. Spruce trees, such as blue spruce and white spruce trees, are two other types of Christmas trees that will hold onto their needles. Follow these tips to keep your tree fresher longer:

1) Cut off around an inch off the stump and immediately put into hot water (around 100 degrees)

2) If you’ve purchased your tree but not setting it up right away keep it outside because it’s cooler and the heat in the house dries it out.

3) Place your Christmas tree in a clean stand with clean water to prevent bacteria from forming. Keep checking the stand so it doesn’t dry out, fill as needed. Check it daily so the water level doesn’t drop below the tip of the tree trunk. Cut trees can use up to 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of water within the first 24 hours of being in the home.

4) Potomac Garden Center carries Christmas tree products you can add to the water to extend the life of your tree. It controls bacteria growth and feeds the tree.

5) When it comes time to place the tree in a stand, some people cut or trim off sides of the tree to make it fit. This may make the tree sit in the stand, but also causes the tree to die quicker, as the outer layers of the tree take up the most water. Without them, the tree dries out and dies. By measuring the tree trunk diameter and purchasing a tree stand that can hold it, the outer vital areas of the tree trunk are preserved and make the tree last longer.

Greenery like wreaths and roping benefits from a good overnight soak in a tub of warm water before hanging.

Decorate and enjoy the fresh pine smell that a traditional tree and nature’s natural greenery brings! Potomac Garden Center has a stunning delivery of trees and greens this year that will make your season one to remember. Ask us about easy delivery of your tree to your home or place of business.

Conifers and boxwood wreaths and roping at Potomac Garden Center


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