Residential Landscape Design – New PGC Service for 2013

Introducing Residential Landscape Design at PGC

Make your New Year’s Resolution for 2013
to transform your yard into a beautiful space to play, relax, entertain,
and of course, grow!

Fact: (General gardening chores can burn 272 calories an hour!)

Inquire about Potomac Garden Center’s new Residential Landscape Design services or chat with our knowledgeable staff for do-it-yourself projects!

Plan Now for Your Spring Garden

This time of year can be difficult to think about the warm sunshine and spring blossoms that make our landscapes so inviting. However, try to see through the Mid-Atlantic fog that blankets our chilly mornings, and use your imagination! Now is the perfect time to plan your future garden space with Potomac Garden Center.

Maybe you have a well established landscape with large trees and flower gardens that bloom throughout the season or you have a new home with minimal landscaping, and just landscape design ideas for a playground areaa few complementary plants from the builder. You might have an acre or two, or even more, or your yard could be as small as a postage stamp.

Whatever the range of your current landscape, the off-season months are a perfect time for planning future projects. The yard you have always dreamed of can become a reality when the mercury starts to rise!

If you cannot seem to get your creative juices flowing, look to the friendly staff of Potomac Garden Center who can answer your questions about plants, soils, and garden pests. January and February are prime months for one-on-one attention from our knowledgeable staff members. During the busy spring and summer months, lengthy inquiries may not be as available.

Maybe your schedule does not allow for a DIY weekend project or you may not want to test out your green thumb. If that is the case, inquire about a Landscape Consultation with Emily Clark-Waterson, BLA, our in-house Landscape Designer. She will create a personal and unique design*, specifically planned for your yard! With a little effort and foresight given now, you can be enjoying the tastes, sights, and scents in your new garden space this coming summer!
* Fees may apply for design services.

landscape design before and afters

Potomac Garden Center Can Take Your Landscape Project
From Concept to Completion.

Contact PGC to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space – Start Today!

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