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All Bagged Bulbs are on Sale for 50% Off (excluding Paperwhites & Amaryllis)!!

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Attention PGC Customers:

Firewood Updated 11/25/2014:

Supply of firewood is still proving to be very difficult this year.  Even though we started stockpiling firewood this summer, we quickly sold through and have primarily only been able to locate “Greener” bulk wood.  We brought in over 100 cords in early October 2014, it’s been drying very well and also selling quickly.  Unless it turns out to be a mild winter, supply will still be constrained for the foreseeable future.

We will continue purchasing and stockpiling all the bulk firewood we’re able to locate.  Unfortunately it will take more time before it’s ready to use, supply costs are increasing due to demand.

We received a shipment of kiln-dried “irregular pieces” on Monday 11/17/14.  We will be selling these at the same 5 cu. ft. Well-Seasoned price of $29.99 per container.  We currently have a large stockpile of well-seasoned “irregular pieces” that should last us for the next couple months.

Here’s what we have:

    • 5 cu. ft. size of Kiln-Dried “Irregular Pieces” – $29.99 per container.
    • 5 cu. ft. size of Well-Seasoned “Irregular Pieces” – 29.99 per container.
    • .75 cu. ft. Bags of Kiln Dried Firewood – 6.99 per bag.
    • .75 cu. ft. Bags of Kiln Dried Kindling – 6.99 per bag.
  • All sizes available in bulk (4 cu. ft. – 1 cord) of “Greener Wood”.  *If customer is able to store, keeping dry and exposed to wind (or inside) it will dry quicker.  Moisture content will need to be down to approximately 20% before it will burn well.  Please do not attempt to burn Green Wood in your home!


“Greener” Firewood:

4 cu. ft. – 17.99

12 cu. ft. – 52.00

24 cu. ft. – 95.00

64 cu. ft. – 185.00

128 cu. ft. (1 Cord) – 349.00

Our suggestion for now would still be to purchase the Kiln-Dried or Well-Seasoned “Irregular Pieces”, or the Bagged Kiln Dried Firewood.  Customer response has been positive regarding the “greener” firewood.   If storing the “Greener” Wood is an option, it will be viable within four to five weeks.

Thank you for your understanding, please let us know if you have any questions.

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North Potomac Location

  • Nursery Sale (Trees and Shrubs) going at 50% Off
  • Any trees 15 gallon or larger, customers have the option of 50% off (no guarantee), or FREE planting (w/ guarantee of what they paid) if they pay full price.
  • All Perennials are 25% Off
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